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CFM Motorsports was officially founded in 2013 by Chuck Marlin.  Chuck has been in powersports professionally since 2004, and started working in the marine industry in 2009.
The CFM Motorsports name started in 2012, with cylinder head porting. The "CFM" in CFM Motorsports, stands for cubic feet per minute, which is a common airflow testing term.
In 2013, CFM Motorsports purchased PR Performance, and sold FXR apparel, while also providing service and repair on powersports equipment.
In 2015, CFM Motorsports purchased Odegaard Marine, a well known marine repair shop, and merged the businesses together. 
CFM Motorsports continues to handle marine and powersports service & repair, parts,& accessories, shock service & repair, cylinder head porting, race engine building, and many other things,  while continuing to support riders and drivers in multiple types of racing. 
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